Narendra Patil & Rakesh Sukesh

Festival Directors

Narendra Patil is a professional dancer, teacher, choreographer and performer from India. Movement specialist in Contemporary, Flying Low and Improvisation. He graduated from Terence Lewis Dance Foundation Scholarship Trust Mumbai, India and worked with Terence Lewis Contemporary Dance Company for 10 years. He studied Okinawa martial arts for 6 years and also completed the Yoga teachers training program from “The Yoga Institute” (Mumbai, India), the oldest organized yoga center in the world. His experience training under the stalwarts of Contemporary dance in India and Europe inspired him to create and develop his own dance vocabulary called IndYog-Contemporary. He has been invited to teach at professional schools and companies in India and abroad. Narendra is currently working as an independent artist in India, Europe, and Russia. Sanskar India is the brainchild of Narendra and Rakesh as a way to bring world-class dance education to India and integrate into the international dance community.

Rakesh Sukesh started his Contemporary Dance journey in 2003 with Attakkalarri in Bangalore. Since 2009 Rakesh has been working on developing a contemporary movement method called Payatt INtransit - using Kalarippayattu and contemporary movement techniques, yoga and energy work. He has been invited to teach Payatt INtransit at various festivals and for companies such as Sidi Larbi’s company, Ultima Vez, Impuls Tanz Vienna, Deltebre Danza Spain. He travels around the world working with Dance companies and festivals. He also works as freelance Performer/ Choreographer, collaborating with various artists from different genres. In 2014 he was a certified yoga teacher from Shivananda school of yoga. He currently lives and works by dividing his time between Europe and Asia. Sanskar India is the brainchild of Rakesh and Narendra as a way to bring world-class dance education to India and integrate into the international dance community.

Shruti Maria

Festival Coordinator

Shruti Maria Datar is a Mumbai based performer, teacher, and choreographer. She has completed her Professional Training in Danscentrumjette, Belgium and holds a Diploma in Movement Arts from Attakkalari. She trained for 10 years as a Bharatanatyam dancer and performer. As a follower of David Zambrano, she has trained a number of Dance schools in Flying Low and Floor techniques and continues in her practice of the form. She teaches and performs in India and Europe. She is based in Mumbai and working in the field of Dance Education, Theatre creation and Performance. She is the Festival Coordinator for Sanskar India dance festival 2020.


Festival Manager

Mirra is a dancer, choreographer, and teacher from Bangalore and started her career at the Attakalari Centre for Movement Arts. Mirra has been learning and teaching movement art since 2002. She has been trained in contemporary dance techniques, Kalarippayattu, Bharatnatyam. She is also a yoga instructor. As a choreographer, she has created several works which have been showcased across platforms in India and abroad. 
She says 'It's like I am searching for something. I have taken this road knowing what's important to me but don't necessarily know where I am going. If I knew what I was finding, I would stop making work. It's this searching that's keeping me going. And I hope I don't find it! '
She has been working with children for many years and is now looking at ways to make performance work for them. She is the Project Manager for Sanskar India dance festival 2020.

Atul Kumar

Creative Head

Atul Kumar is the Artistic Director of a dance company, called, LFRD (Left Foot Right Danceworks). He holds a certification by California University of Arts in site-specific work creation, mentored by Stephen Koplowitz, in 2014. In 2017, he completed one month of intensive improvisation summer course with Katie Duck, in Amsterdam. Post which, he has worked with various artists and teachers across the world. He was one of the selected participants for the PARTS Exchange program, which was an intensive six weeks’ program facilitated by PARTS school, Brussels, Belgium, at Adishakti, Auroville. He currently lives and practices performing arts in Bangalore. He is the Creative head for Sanskar India dance festival 2020.

Yulia Ovcharova

Festival Coordinator and Promoter in Russia

Yulia completed her education from Academy of Culture and Arts, Tyumen, Russia and has worked in Moscow as a dancer, choreographer, and actor. She studied Russian folk dance for 12 years at school of art in Tyumen. She has received training in various dance forms from teachers all over the world and has shown her mettle under the masters of Contemporary dance in Europe and Russia. Through her experience in Contemporary dance and Folk dance, she was inspired to create her movement vocabulary bridging these dance forms. Yulia is our partner coordinator in Russia and she working to promote Sanskar India

Abélia Nordmann & Julian Voneschen

International Relations and Fundraising

Abélia Nordmann is a french-german conductor, singer and project manager in the region of Basel, Switzerland; her interdisciplinary and intercultural projects are always connected to social and political questions. She is writing for SANSKAR's international collaborations and funding. 

Julien works as a performer, movement teacher, and masseur in Switzerland. His eagle eye makes him to the sensitive œil extérieur for SANSKAR's communication material.

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